Whether you’re dining out with family or watching the football game at the bar with your buddies, a great beer can add a lot to your restaurant experience. With the variety of beer types available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the perfect tasty beverage when you’re out and about. At Crossroads Tavern and Eatery in Wood Dale, we’re proud to offer an extensive beer menu to our loyal dining customers. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences in popular beer types, so next time you come to our restaurant you’ll know exactly what kind of beer you’re looking for!


When you think of ales, a variety of fruit and malt aromas may come to mind. Since ales are brewed with top fermenting yeast at a cellular temperature, they tend to be fuller-bodied with a pleasant, hoppy finish. Ales can come in a number of varieties and often tend to be darker than lagers, displaying a light gold or amber color when poured in a glass. At Crossroads Tavern and Eatery, we’re proud to offer a unique selection of ales for the many beer lovers that come to our restaurant. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing and hoppy wheat beer, like our Schlafly Takima Wheat Ale, or want a west coast style pale ale with a crisp finish, like our SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale, you’re sure to find the perfect beer at our restaurant!


The word lager originates from the German word lagern which means ‘to store.’ This method of brewing requires the brewmaster to store the beer at a near-freezing temperature for several months before bottling and serving it to guests. While a lager can be extremely refreshing, it’s smooth finish depends on the amount of time it was stored in cold temperatures. This type of beer can range from having a sweet taste to a bitter taste and can appear pale to black in color. If you live near Wood Dale and are looking for a great place to wet your whistle, come try our large assortment of lager beers at Crossroads Tavern and Eatery.


India Pale Ales, also known as IPA’s, were originally invented by the British during their efforts to colonize India. Due to extreme temperatures and prolonged storage efforts, the British needed to find a better way to keep their beer from spoiling. As a result, hops was used to act as a preservative to prolong the life of their delicious brew. These days, IPA’s are brewed with English hops and tend to have a more earthy and woody flavor than most beers. At Crossroads Tavern and Eatery, we offer a unique selection of IPA’s for the beer connoisseur. Our Two Brothers Heavy Handed Wet Hopped IPA is a tropical fruit punch blend of pineapple, citrus and banana. For a more medium-bodied brew, try our Solemn Oath Snaggletooth IPA. With a robust grapefruit taste, the fruit aromatics bring out notes of pineapple and mango, providing a refreshing beverage for any meal. If you’re interested in trying an IPA with an assertive yet delightful bitterness, try our Summit Saga IPA.


Did you know that wheat beers are considered to be one of the oldest styles of beer available? Today’s popular wheat beers were derived from the German rule of thumb that a weizenbier, or a wheat beer, should be made up of at least fifty-percent wheat. An extremely light and refreshing beverage that’s perfect for drinking by the pool, wheat beers range in a variety of flavors and tend to rock a light golden color. Some popular wheat beers include Hefeweizen, Dunkelweizen and Bockbier.

If you live near Wood Dale and are looking for a new sports bar or restaurant to enjoy a cold beer, stop by Crossroads Tavern and Eatery today. In addition to our extensive beer selection, we offer an amazing menu of burgers, wings and salads to complement your beer of choice. If you can’t decide on new beer to try, our friendly wait staff is more than happy to provide you with beer samples until you find the perfect fit. Stop by our restaurant for dinner or reserve your next family party in one of our private room’s today!