Over the last 120 years, the hamburger has become a worldwide phenomenon. More than anything else, the hamburger is a uniquely American dish. Although the meat patty used in hamburgers was already popular amongst German immigrants, the hamburger we know and love today took the concept to the next level. The Germans-Americans of the mid 1800’s prepared a dish that they referred to as a “Hamburg Steak.” The Hamburg Steak would be pretty familiar to anyone who has eaten a modern hamburger. Take some round steak, pound it down, season it with some onions and spices, and fry it up. Sounds pretty familiar, right? The Hamburg Steak was the prototypical hamburger patty, it just didn’t know it yet!

The introduction of the bun was a game changer, and laid the groundwork for the hamburger’s global domination. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when it happened, and many throughout history have been attributed with the honor of inventing the hamburger. What is known for sure is that it happened somewhere in the United States in the late 1800s. The Library of Congress claims that a restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut served the first hamburger in 1895. Like most pieces of culinary history, this is a hotly contested claim. Towns in Oklahoma, Texas, Wisconsin, and many other states proudly identify themselves as the birthplace of the hamburger. No matter what camp you fall into for this delicious debate, we have a wide selection of this popular Wood Dale restaurant menu item at Crossroads Eatery! Come down today for a little reminder as to why the hamburger is so universally loved!