When you, your friends, and your family gather at Crossroads Tavern & Eatery, we understand that you want to enjoy yourself, whether it’s by relaxing with a tall, cold beer or by sharing one of our fantastic dishes. We pride ourselves in providing our guests with a full, comprehensive menu that’s composed of more than just average bar food. For those with a smaller appetite, we offer many delicious starters, soups, and salads. Feeling a bit more hungry? We have you covered there, too, with sandwiches and wraps, pizzas, and more substantial dinner dishes. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. Check out the blogs below for news and information related to our menu!

  1. Crafting the Perfect Burger

    At the end of a long day, we understand that many Wood Dale residents may find the thought of cooking dinner a daunting one. If this sounds familiar, rest assured that you aren’t the only person who sometimes prefers to go out for dinner to making your own. While there is nothing quite like biting into a juicy, tender hamburger when you’re hungry, a good burger can be hard to find. In today’…Read More

  2. Light, Fresh Salads for Summer

    Even though we’re slowly sliding into August here in Wood Dale, summer is still in full swing. Cubs games, family picnics, and barbecues are still well underway, and that means there is still plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Why not make that time even sweeter by enjoying a delicious salad and craft beers on a shady patio? Whether you’re looking for a cool, comfort…Read More

  3. Summer is Coming to Wood Dale!

    It’s hard to believe that summer is almost upon us here in Wood Dale, but the warm temperatures and afternoon storms are a sure indication that the seasons are indeed transitioning. With the beautiful weather here, that can only mean one thing – it’s barbecuing season! If you’re someone who loves BBQ ribs, hot dogs, and burgers, you’ll love the wide variety of these items we serve on the…Read More

  4. The Origin Of Buffalo Wings

    At Crossroads Tavern & Eatery in Wood Dale, we believe a great sports bar should have three things: beer on tap, a television on the wall and a menu that offers delicious buffalo wings. While we sure do love ice cold beer and a good football game, nothing ties a relaxing Sunday together like amazing buffalo wings. While there are various versions of the origin of buffalo wings on the internet,…Read More

  5. Healthy Eating Habits When Dining Out

    While it’s easy to be mindful eating at home, with fresh ingredients and measuring utensils on hand, it can be challenging to make healthy decisions when eating out at a restaurant, but it’s not impossible. At Crossroads Tavern and Eatery in Wood Dale, IL, we believe that eating out doesn’t have to sabotage a healthy diet. By planning ahead and choosing foods carefully, you can enjoy the atm…Read More

  6. You Can Still Eat Out And Keep Your Weight Loss Resolution

    It is that time of year when people start falling back on their new year’s resolutions. We all know that a healthy diet is a major part of any successful weight plan. But eating healthy to lose weight doesn’t mean you have to stop visiting your favorite restaurants! It is possible to eat out and achieve your weight loss goals at the same time. Here are some things to keep in mind next time you…Read More

  7. Bring In The New Year With A Private Party

    New Year’s Eve is one of the most magical nights of the year. Looking back on what changes the previous year brought and reflecting on your memories with family and friends is only half the fun. You also get to look forward to the promise of a fresh start. Making resolutions for the upcoming year is a great way to set personal goals. There are so many options for ringing in the new year. Hitting…Read More

  8. Keep The Blues Away As The Seasons Change

    In just a few days, we will be officially turning back the clocks, which means we get an extra hour of sleep. Unfortunately, it also means we lose all of that wonderful daylight and sunshine that comes with spring and summer out on our patio. Spring forward and fall back -hat’s the rule we follow when changing our clocks. Don’t forget to turn your clock back on Sunday, November 1st, 2015. Dayl…Read More

  9. When Life Gets Busy, Let Us Handle The Food

    With the holidays rapidly approaching, your desire to cook nightly meals is probably decreasing. It is a busy time of the year with parties, guests, shopping and decorating. It can be a daunting thought that in between all of the festivities you still need to put food on the table. Let Crossroads Sports Bar handle it! Our extensive restaurant menu in Wood Dale is sure to have something for everyon…Read More